10 Facts About The Great Wall of China

10 Facts About The Great Wall of China


The Wall you know and love isn’t as old as you think

The Wall is generally thought to go back 2,000 years to soon after 221 BC, when China was first bound together. Truth be told, nearly everything which is that old is close to a hill of earth. The well known thought of the Wall gets from the stone, battlemented structure worked by the Ming (1358– 1644). Its most extreme age is around 500 years.


It was not worked to repulse Mongols

The Wall was appointed by the First Emperor who kicked the bucket in 210 BC, well before the rise of the Mongols around AD 800. The danger at that point was from the Xiongnu, who potentially turned into the progenitors of the Huns. The great encounter with the Mongols happened just from the late fourteenth century, when the Mongols were pursued out of China by the Ming.

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