Animal Fight Club: American Pitbull Terrier vs Boerboel

Animal Fight Club: American Pitbull Terrier vs Boerboel

Animal Fight Club: American Pitbull Terrier vs Boerboel…

Both the Boerboel and the American Pitbull Terrier are canine breeds that can be quite independent. Few canines can compare to the loyalty and dedication of these two puppies as your future canine partner. Both breeds demand a knowledgeable owner. The other parallels and distinctions between these two autonomous canines are numerous.

The American Pitbull Terrier, sometimes known as the Pitbull, is a breed of dog that is widely misunderstood. The Boerboel, who is much larger and has a huge head, is also like that. When it comes to their reputation, these poor puppies have had a difficult time.

American Pitbull Terrier vs. Boerboel Breed Comparison

See popular opinions about “Can a Boerboel beat a pit bull?” via Quora;

“The boerbull has been bred from a mastiff and a bulldog and has only lately been classified as a breed on its own. I heard that boerbulls were used to hunt lions and what they do is stand up on their hind legs and push you down to the ground.

The sheer size of a boerboel alone (most of the standard sizes weighing 60kg and some weighing up to 80kg) already beats the pittbul.

I have seen a boerboel snap a thick steel chain and pull its owner trying to hold onto it off his feet and metres far (it was a fully grown man of 90kg) – they snap the standard xxxl leather dog leash/ collar like its nothing…

For their size they are extremely agile and fast as well as protective, strong and a bit on the crazy side. They actually have more of a bad rap than a pitbull where that is concerned. So much so that they are more widely used for protection on farms as the locals are more scared of them than any other dog.

When they bite they actually take out chunks of flesh (have seen that too)

So, imagine a pitbull up against a dog that looks like a pitbull but weighs double its size….

So the pittbul will give it a go but the boerboel wins hands down in size, attitude and ferocity. Respect to the boerboel”. By Heidi Oosthuizen.


“Agression is nasty. Don’t popularize it. But yes. A pittbul can kill a Boerboel and a Boerboel can kill a pittbull. Both can kill numerous other creatures that are way bigger and stronger then themselves. They can fight till death, it only depends on who deals the worst damage first.
Pittbulls are more agile, Boerboels are heavyer and stronger.

These animals were bred for a purpose, but unless trained or provoked to, do not usually initiate a fight. Please don’t train or provoke them to do so. Its cruel.” Sanne van Zijl says.


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