Ethiopia was Not Colonized

Ethiopia was Not Colonized, See Reasons Why

Ethiopia was Not Colonized…

Farmers and warriors in Ethiopia’s northern town of Adwa destroyed a well-equipped Italian army on March 1 and 2, 1896. As a result of this conflict, Ethiopia became independent, making it the only African nation that had never been colonized.

The Mighty Ethiopian forces, led by Emperor Menelik II, engaged the Italian invasion forces in the Battle of Adwa over the course of two days (1st and 2nd March).

The First Italo-Ethiopian War was decided by this conflict, which also marked a turning point in modern African history by resulting in the defeat of a European Colonial power and the European powers’ recognition of Ethiopia as a sovereign nation state.

The Ethiopians also used trained “Battle Lions” as well as other dangerous animals and insects as weapons, including bees, wasps, elephants, and cheetahs. Numerous Italian kills were attributable to these creatures, which the Italian army was unprepared for and was powerless to stop.

Italy suffered a humiliating loss at the Battle of Adwa, and the Ethiopians chased the retreating Italians into Eritrea and out of the region altogether. Due to the overwhelming loss, The Treaty of Addis Ababa was signed. Italians acknowledged Ethiopia’s independence as the conflict came to a close.

Because they did not want to admit that an army of Black warriors had defeated a white army in such a decisive fight, many newspapers all around the world depicted Ethiopians as being white.

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