Tree Climbing Lions of the Serengeti

Mysterious Tree Climbing Lions of the Serengeti

Mysterious Tree Climbing Lions of the Serengeti

It used to be Lake Manyara National Park that was popular for its tree climbing lions. In any case, more as of late it is by all accounts a typical sight in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to see lions climbing trees.

Various goals have to be sure detailed sightings of tree climbing lions, including Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, Botswana’s Savuti locale, and South Africa’s Kruger National Park with the Vurhami pride of tree climbing lions in the most distant south of the recreation center close Crocodile Bridge.

It currently shows up as though tree climbing lions are not as uncommon and strange as was at first idea, and there are progressively more reports from different game stores of lions climbing trees. Be that as it may, the inquiry remains – do all lions do this or just a few prides?

While climbing trees is uncommon conduct for most lion prides, it is by all accounts genuinely normal and rehashed conduct among explicit prides. This may show that there is a proportion of social discovering that happens. Youthful lions see more seasoned lions climb trees and duplicate the conduct so the propensity stays in that pride. What’s more, similar to any ability, the more that they do it, the more capable and sure they become.

Tree Climbing Lions of the Serengeti

Some accept that lions pick to climb trees to improve see, while others trust it is so they can get somewhat of a cool wind on a hot day or make tracks in an opposite direction from tsetse flies and different nasties that may nibble them at ground level.

Be that as it may, maybe they simply climb trees for no particular reason…

Whatever their inspiration, viewing these lions cautiously and warily move about among the branches features their absence of common tree climbing capacity. Their ungainly aversion stands out pointedly from the readiness and simplicity of a panther’s developments in trees.


Lions are simply not worked to climb trees. In any case, plainly somebody neglected to advise the lions regarding the Serengeti about that reality as we experienced three unique sightings of lions relaxing languidly in trees in the space of only two days.

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