Oldest Universities in Africa

Oldest Universities in Africa

Africa is home to some wonderful ancient universities you can think of. So many great people have emerged from the four walls of some of these universities.

This post will brief you on some of the oldest universities in Africa. Read along.

University of Al-Karaouine, in Fes, Morocco (859AD)

The University of Al-Karaouine or Al-Qarawiyyin is a college situated in Fes, Morocco. It was established in 859 AD. It is one of the main profound and instructive focuses of the Muslim world and is viewed as the most seasoned ceaselessly working organization of higher learning on the planet. This college is perceived by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most seasoned ceaselessly working, degree-conceding college.

Al-Azhar University, Egypt (972AD)

Al-Azhar Mosque and University in Cairo, Egypt was established in 970-972 AD as a Madrasa. The mosque was worked in two years from 969 AD, the year where its establishment was laid. The Madrasa associated with it was established in 988 AD. Studies started in Al-Azhar in Ramadan by October 975 AD, when Chief Justice Abul Hasan Ali ibn Al-No’man began showing the book “Al-Ikhtisar”, on the Shiite law.

It is the central focal point of Arabic writing and Sunni Islamic learning on the planet. The second most established degree-allowing college in Egypt after the Cairo University. In 1961 non-religious subjects were added to its educational program. Subsequently it is viewed as that it turned into a cutting edge college in 1961.

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