Sermo: A Social Network Platform For Physicians

Sermo: A Social Network Platform For Physicians

Sermo: A Social Network Platform For Physicians…

The medical community that empowers today’s physicians. Talk with your peers, earn for your insights, solve challenging patient cases, contribute to the world’s largest database of drug ratings – and even laugh at some great jokes.

This platform allows you to engage with more than 1.3 million HCPs (Healthcare Professionals) across 150 countries, we offer a unique physician-first online community that allows clinicians to communicate about issues that are important to them and their patients.

Doctors can access our global community and the many benefits here.

2023 HealthTechX Award Winner

Sermo receive the 2023 HealthTechX Award

Sermo was named 2023 Scaleup Award Winner at HealthTechX, honoring healthcare companies for innovation and growth momentum.

A judging panel commented, “Sermo was shortlisted as a result of its 1.3m strong global network of physicians, who engage with the platform to provide actionable insights for the improvement of patient outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem. The business has profitably scaled across international markets and has created a significant moat given the investment required to build up a verified network of this size.

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