The most cryptic and subtle of the extensive carnivores, the panther is additionally the shrewdest. Pound for pound, it is the most grounded climber of the bigger felines and is equipped for executing prey far bigger than itself. The shading of the panther changes from white to brilliant dark colored, spotted with dark spots and rosettes. The rosettes comprise of gatherings of 5 to 6 spots masterminded in a tight ring.


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The best season to visit South Africa with the point of seeing panthers is May to September, amid the winter months. In summer, panthers stow away in the obscure branches of trees or in comparative regions of disconnection, to get away from the warmth of the day. In winter they are progressively agreeable to stroll around amid the daytime.

The tail is longer than a large portion of the body length estimated from head to tail. This furious creature has little round ears and long stubbles developing from dull spots on the upper lip. The span of the panther fluctuates impressively. The panther varies from the cheetah in having shorter legs, and rosette-like spots and is without the cheetah’s dark “tear” marks from eye to mouth.

As indicated by AWF, spots are round in East African panthers however square in Southern African panthers.



The panther extends in size from 1 to right around 2 meters in length, and weighs between 30 – 70 kg. Females are normally around 66% the extent of guys.


Bramble and riverine woods. Typically in or close bushes on mountain sides or along streams and waterways. Panthers are for the most part nighttime creatures but at the same time are seen amid the day, particularly in the early mornings and late evenings. They normally scrounge alone aside from in the mating season.


In spite of the fact that panthers are timid and subtle, they are really discovered all over sub-Saharan Africa. They possess the meadows that have trees in which they can cover up and rest amid the warmth of the day.

The Baviaanskloof Mega-Reserve and Shamwari Game Reserve (which is near Port Elizabeth) in the Eastern Cape, Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga and Limpopo, Karoo National Park (around two hours from Oudtshoorn, and five hours from Cape Town in the Western Cape), and Phinda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal are only a portion of the numerous parks and holds that are home to panther.


Panther chase and feed on little creatures and medium size pronghorn. They additionally support fish, reptiles and feathered creatures to littler well evolved creatures, for example, rodents, bunnies and monkeys.

Did you know?

Panthers are nighttime seekers, so night drives are the best time to see them with the assistance of spotlights.

Panthers are modest, sly and extremely risky, particularly when injured. Panthers are exceptionally great tree climbers and can pull substantial prey up a tree to shield it from different predators or foragers in the region. They return later to bolster once more. Panthers still happen outside preservation territories.


Panthers are fundamentally single and make a special effort to keep away from each other. Every creature has a home range that covers with its neighbors; the male’s range is a lot bigger and for the most part covers with those of a few females.

A panther as a rule does not endure interruption into its very own range but to mate. Sudden experiences between panthers can prompt battles.


Panther breed consistently. Number of youthful is 2 to 3 albeit more have been recorded.

Amid the initial couple of long stretches of the whelps life, the mother will set down roots to remain with her fledglings until they are old and sufficiently able to go with her. She keeps her young covered up for the initial two months so as to shield them from predators, regularly moving them to new areas on the off chance that she detects threat. They will get their first taste of meat at 6 or 7 weeks of age and are then instructed to chase. Suckling stops at around 3 months yet they keep on living with their moms for as long as two years.


The incubation time frame is 2.5 months.


12 to 17 years in nature. 21 years in imprisonment.




Their spots – the panther’s spots are referred to as rosettes as they bunch with a dull dark colored spot in the center, while a cheetah has strong dark specks

Their eyes – a cheetah has dark tear grooves between the eyes and mouth

Their fabricates – the panther (worked for quality) is far stockier and more strong than the cheetah that is worked for speed and is progressively slim with long legs

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